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Tactical Human Resources

At a tactical level, Human Resources and Volunteer Resources in a sustainable non-profit organization are concerned with plans, policies and procedures that guide implementation of strategy. These focus in five key areas:

  1. Recruitment, Selection and Retention

  2. Compensation and Benefits

  3. Performance Management

  4. Separation and Termination

  5. Legislative Compliance

Further details on the activities in each of these five key areas are:

Recruitment, Selection and Retention

  • Recruitment and selection of employees and volunteers are carried out in a consistent and fair manner;

  • Employee and volunteer responsibilities are defined in relation to programs and services;

  • Employees and volunteers are empowered to provide responsible programs and services;

  • Quality internal communication supports an effective work environment;

  • Training and professional development opportunities are provided for employees and volunteers;

  • Employee and volunteer participation is incorporated into planning and decision-making;

  • The contributions of employees and volunteers are recognized and celebrated;

  • Offers of employment or volunteer positions and/or employment contracts are developed and implemented in a consistent way;

  • Orientation to the organization, and to the specific job, is provided to all new staff and volunteers.

Compensation and Benefits;

  • There is a written compensation philosophy to guide compensation decisions;

  • Decisions around compensation and/or recognition of employees and volunteers are fair and transparent;

  • The organization provides competitive compensation to employees;

  • Payroll is managed within legislated guidelines and meets all legal criteria;

  • Information on benefits is shared with employees and supports for understanding and utilizing those benefits are provided.

Performance Management

  • Written policies and procedures are up to date and accessible.See Human Resources & Volunteer Resources Policy List;

  • Required competencies are defined and employees and volunteers are hired accordingly;

  • There are documented position descriptions and clearly defined performance expectations and standards for employees and volunteers;

  • There are clear lines of administrative authority;

  • There is a process for evaluating performance of employees and volunteers on a regular basis;

  • Feedback from employees and volunteers on organizational performance is solicited and respected;

  • Supervisory staff has the skill and support to carry out their responsibilities related to the supervision of employees and volunteers;

  • Roles and responsibilities related to human resources and volunteer management are designated to specific individuals;

  • There are resources available to support the day-to-day administration of Human Resources and Volunteer Management.

Separation and Termination

  • Policies and procedures for completing separations and terminations in a respectful and timely way;

  • Consideration of appropriate supports for remaining employees;

  • Expertise in labour law is available to the organization to ensure appropriate decisions and actions by the organization;

  • Proper documentation and discipline processes are in place;

  • A dismissal process and termination checklist are in place;

  • Consideration of instituting exit interviews to gather information for improvement.

Legislative Compliance

  • Employee and volunteer files are up-to-date and managed in a confidential manner;

  • Employees and volunteers are supported in a safe work environment;

  • The workplace is free of harassment;

  • The organization promotes an inclusive workplace;

  • All policies and practices meet or exceed Employment Standards, Human Rights Legislation and Common Law.